DDoS Protection: Akamai, Incapsula and CloudFlare


Akamai Prolexic and Incapsula are making forward progress in building the best DDoS Protection Service in the tech industry. Both CDNs offer a feature rich DDoS protection platform that’s attracting new clients from various industries. Prolexic has been around for a while, and counts many of the largest enterprises, and financial institutions as customers. Incapsula has rolled out a highly scalable DDoS Protection Service running on custom built high powered appliances capable of processing 170Gbps/appliance of DDoS traffic. Prolexic and Incapsula are able to withstand the largest scale DDoS attacks, and also the most sophisticated attacks happening at Layer 7.

CloudFlare has been quiet for the last few weeks. Their last big announcement was the acquisition of the malware scanning service company a few weeks ago. In terms of a DDoS scrubbing center, we have yet to hear from CloudFlare, and if they have plans to roll one out soon. I would think they would, in that it is must-have now for the CyberSecurity CDN. At one time, CloudFlare was the loudest CDN in the press, especially when it came to announcing  DDoS attacks. Incapsula has bump them aside, and is now the loudest CyberSecurity CDN in the press. What does a CyberSecurity CDN with an Advanced Scrubbing Center capabilities look like that is able to filter, detect and mitigate DDoS attacks at Layers 3, 4, and 7? Here’s a snapshot.

Akamai Prolexic
  • PLXEdge DDoS Service offers 1.8Tbps DDoS mitigation bandwidth
  • Rapid detection and root cause analysis
  • Quick layer 7 signature creation and deployment
  • Packet analysis at line-rate, and granular monitoring at layer 3, 4 and 7
  • Flow-based Monitoring: Monitors netflow traffic on routers and detects/mitigates HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks
  • Application-based Monitoring: Offers analysis on application level attacks, enabling the detection of HTTP Get Floods, low slow permutation DDoS attacks and SSL/SSH encrypted layers DDoS attacks
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