Afterthoughts on Limelight’s Recent Victory against Akamai


Limelight Networks (LLNW) finally has something to celebrate, a victory against Akamai. A victory is a victory, regardless if it’s in the legal court, or in the RFP bidding court. With that being said, the victory is ancient news, and the big distraction is over with. What does LLNW have for us now? Akamai is still a $10B company, and LLNW a $200M company. LLNW needs to use this momentum to do something big, risky, and absolutely nuts, surprising all of us folks in the CDN industry. We’ve thrown a few ideas out there for LLNW, however, there is no bite. Half a year is gone by, and LLNW is no better off today, than it was before the lawsuit. LLNW’s stock price jumped to $2.32, but we all know that the earth’s gravitational pull is going to bring that back down to $2/share. Something has to be cooking over at LLNW’s kitchen, maybe an acquisition of some sort, or maybe even getting acquired. Anything is better than the status quo.

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