EdgeCast is Expanding its Infrastructure and Feature Set


EdgeCast Verizon is in the midst of expanding its entire infrastructure and feature set. No surprises there, since they are now Verizon, and have access to Verizon’s deep pockets. EdgeCast is in the process of adding 17 new POPs, doubling network capacity, significantly increasing peering, and adding a ridiculous amount of servers and hardware to its POPs. The most significant news coming from the EdgeCast camp, they will roll out an Enterprise Class Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection & Mitigation Platform in a few weeks or months. Once EdgeCast introduces its new security platform, they will become the fourth CyberSecurity CDN in the Ecosystem, joining Akamai, Incapsula and CloudFlare.

And we can be assured that the DDoS Mitigation Platform is going to rival Prolexic in the near future, due to fact that Verizon has deep expertise and know-how in the security segment. What kind of impact is the EdgeCast DDoS Mitigation Platform going to have on the CDN Ecosystem? The impact is going to be significant, altering the CDN landscape by putting those CDNs that lack a DDoS Mitigation Platform at a disadvantage. For example, there are two CDNs competing for the same piece of business, that happens to be a leading ecommerce company. One CDN can bundle a comprehensive DDoS Mitigation solution with its CDN services, and the other CDN only offers DDoS Protection at Layer 3, who wins the business? That’s a no brainer. It’s not hard to see that EdgeCast Verizon eventually plans on challenging Akamai in scale and feature-set in the next few years.

Edgecast is Expanding
  • Adding 17 Points of Presence (POPs)
  • Doubling network napacity
  • Substantially increase peering
  • Introduce an Enterprise Class Web Application Firewall
  • Introduce an World Class DDoS Protection & Mitigation Service Platform
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