CDN Ecosystem Diagram vB1


We are presenting the latest CDN Ecosystem Diagram. The purpose of the diagram is to visualize the spot each CDN occupies within the Ecosystem. As the CDN market matures, it’s fragmenting into highly specialized areas, where individual CDNs are building innovative services aimed at solving specific problems, whether its accelerating ecommerce transactions, optimizing the wireless last mile, streaming, protecting a site from DDoS attacks, and so on. This modern approach enables CDNs to survive, and thrive in the competitive marketplace. The days of trying to be everything to everyone are long gone. At bizety, we call these players the CDN Specialists.  Below is the CDN Diagram and the latest additions.

Diagram Updates
  • Instart Logic is in a category by itself called Web Application Streaming or Software-Defined Application Delivery
  • Aryaka Networks and Zscaler are now in separate categories.
  •  Added some European based CDNs including Arkena, Hibernia CDN, Octoshape and Streamzilla
  • Added Microsoft Azure CDN for its Media Delivery Services
  • Added ChinaNetCenter/MileWeb, the largest CDN in China with 3,000+ customers
  • Added category Media Services category, where these CDNs can stream the Olympic type events
  • Added PeerApp and OnApp
CDN Ecosystem Diagram vB1
CDN Ecosystem Diagram vB1
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