ThetaRay to the Rescue


Over the last couple of years, cyber warfare has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Today, when we come across a Stuxnet, Target, Adobe, Evernote, Google, Microsoft, or Meetup type breach, it’s just another sunny day in LA. It seems like there’s a major hack going on every week of some sort. The good hackers make off with a $100M working behind their desk, and the not so good ones end up in jail. On top of that, the US economy is losing somewhere north of $100B per year in cyber crime. It’s a smorgasbord of hacking, with everyone hacking everyone. But today, things have taken a turn for the worse. Threat actors are now fiddling with our critical industrial infrastructure, like electrical power grids, oil facilities, factories, and so on.

It’s much worse than one would imagine. Translation: That means one day we can be taking a warm shower on a cold winter morning, and someone from the other side of the global taps the keyboard, and shuts down the hot water mid-shower. Right afterwards, when we’re making breakfast, another character located in another part of the world, taps the keyboard again, that messes with our electrical power grid, and in the process turbo charges our toaster, burning our toast. And believe me, there is nothing worse than starting the day with a cold shower in the winter morning, and burnt toast with scrambled eggs for breakfast. It actually can get worse, on that same day we can go to work, and have five back-to-back meetings where there’s 8 hours of talking going on. 🙂

ThetaRay to the Rescue

But seriously, ThetRay is like the FireEye of the industrial sector. They help industrial companies protect their systems from intruders. ThetaRay is one of the very few security companies targeting this billion dollar niche. The next step for ThetaRay is to obtain a big infusion of VC cash, and start building up its presence in the US, including sales, engineering and operations. Here is a lead, how about the DWP (Department of Water and Power) in SoCal. DWP is ripe for this type of technology. I bet ThetaRay solutions for the DWP’s of the world cost $3M to $7M per install. if ThetaRay can close a few hundred of these deals, they become a billion dollar company. in the process.

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