2014 Estimated Revenues for US Based CDNs – Rev3.0


Here are the latest 2014 annual revenue estimates for 18 US-based CDNs. Although Aryaka Networks is a “WAN as-a-service (WAAS)” provider, and Instart Logic a “Software-defined Application Delivery (SDAD)” company, we include them in our coverage, in order to analyze, contrast and compare the various business models in the CDN ecosystem. The big addition to this list is Microsoft Azure. Although Azure separates CDN services from video delivery (media delivery services), we put them in the same bucket like all CDNs do. Also, Bizety has received feedback about the estimates for a few of the CDNs on the list, in that those figures appear too high for some CDNs. I agree with them, and have changed some of the estimates to reflect reality. The revenues for Akamai and Limelight are public information, so those numbers are accurate.

On Limelight, I subtracted Netflix revenue, hence the $155M annual revenue. In regards to Level 3 and EdgeCast, I’m  using the estimates from Dan Rayburn, and added a growth component. All other estimates are based on gut feeling. There is no supporting evidence as to the accuracy of these figures, especially since all the startup CDNs are unlikely to publish this data. I can’t blame them, as I wouldn’t either. There is only one, exception, Yottaa, which grew annual revenues 700% in 2103 according to their website. My guess is that Yottaa generated $4M to $5M in 2012, so if we take 700% growth, we come up with $28M to $35M. Congrats to Yottaa for this major accomplishment, because that’s a ridiculous amount of growth for a CDN.

2014 US CDN Annual Revenue Estimates per CDN
  • Akamai – $1.9B
  • Limelight – $155M
  • Level 3 – $150M
  • Amazon Cloudfront – $75M
  • Azure = $75M
  • EdgeCast – $150M
  • CloudFlare – $50M
  • Highwinds – $35M
  • Internap – $15M
  • Yottaa = $28M
  • Total for Cachefly, Mirror Image and MaxCDN – $30M
  • Total for Incapsula, Instart Logic and Fastly – $40M
  • Aryaka Networks – $75M
  • Zscaler – $75M

2014 Total Estimate for all US Based CDNs = $2.8B 

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