Akamai CDN Bandwidth During World Cup


Akamai just released some interesting data on the World Cup. As most are aware, Akamai is streaming the World Cup matches, and publishing the streaming bandwidth numbers generated for each event. The bandwidth numbers are ridiculously high, with the Mexico vs Brazil peaking at 4.59Tbps. That’s an insane amount of bandwidth. I personally don’t think there is any other CDN that touch that number for a single event. Here are the rest of the figures for each of the matches, starting with highest bandwidth.

CDN Bandwidth for the World Cup Matches
  • Mexico vs Brazil – 4.59Tbps
  • Germany vs Portugal – 4.3Tbps
  • Netherlands vs Spain – 3.4Tbps
  • USA vs Ghana – 3.2Tbps
  • Brazil vs Croatia – 3.2Tbps
  • England vs Italy – 3.14Tbps
  • Mexico vs Cameroon – 2.8Tbps
  • Iran vs Nigeria – 2.6Tbps
  • Argentina vs Bosnia Herz – 2.4Tbps
  • France vs Honduras – 2.3Tbps
  • Belgium vs Algeria – 2.2Tbps
  • Chile vs Australia – 2Tbps
  • Uruguay vs Costa Rica – 2Tbps
  • Cote Divoire vs Japan – 1.8Tbps
  • Russia vs Korea – 1.73Tbps
  • Columbia vs Greece – 1.7Tbps
  • Switzerland vs Ecuador – 1.5Tbps
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