Instart Logic Changing the CDN Game


Instart Logic, the leading startup offering Software Defined Application Delivery (SDAD) services, and with more than 25 patents to its name, just rolled out two new industry-first features. The new features improve application delivery performance by 50%, further disrupting the CDN Ecosystem. Whereas, the traditional CDN started accelerating content delivery in the first mile and middle mile, Instart Logic started on the opposite end, focusing on the last mile, and more importantly, the wireless last mile. In order to accomplish this difficult challenge, Instart Logic created an abstract software layer, with part of that layer sitting on top of the browser, acting as an intelligent application, and which improves communication from the browser to the Instart Logic Cloud (POP).

The abstraction layer sitting on top of the browser has baked-in intelligence made possible by algorithms, that is able to decipher the make-up of the objects, and make decisions based on the make-up, as to what bytes to cache first, and what bytes to deliver first of that object. The Instart Logic software layer reminds me of the technology used by CyberSecurity Fortscale and FireEye. SDAD is the next generation of CDN technology that is based on algorithms capable of analyzing and predicting behavior. So far, Instart Logic is the first, and only company in the CDN Ecosystem with this type of technology.  Below are the two industry-first features:

New Instart Logic Features
  • InstantLoad Browser-Cache Optimization
  • SmartVision Image Analysis Technology

InstantLoad Browser-Cache Optimization feature improves caching techniques defined by HTML5 that improve the caching and storage of objects within the specific browser version, being used by that end user. There are a variety of browsers on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and devices, where each one has a different way of caching and storing content. The InstandLoad helps the browse by figuring out the optimal caching and storing settings for that browser.

SmartVision feature improves the image delivery (streaming) by using advanced algorithms to analyze content, and determine what elements within that object must be delivered first, in order to improve time to first paint or interaction. It does this by delving deep into that object making sure it understands all the characteristics including size, color, code, and so on. SmartVision allows web applications to send 70% less image data to the browser for initial load, and reduction in time-to-interaction. The best part of the feature, the quality of the partially viewed image is high quality improving the end user experience, all the while the rest of the image downloads in the background. We give Instart Logic a high five for thinking outside of the CDN-box and introducing new innovations, features, technologies, and vernacular to the CDN Ecosystem.

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