June 2014 CDN Updates and Web Server Stats


There’s been a ton of activity in the CDN Industry over the last three weeks. Incapsula garnered the leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report for its web application firewall, beating out all others including F5. CloudFlare acquired CryptoSeal, a VPN service for businesses, Instart Logic re-branded itself into a Software Defined Application Delivery, and Akamai streamed 4.2Tbps at one of the games of the World Cup. Lastly, Microsoft is likely to surpass Apache in July, as the most widely used web server in the market place.

CDN Activity
  • DDoS attack knocks Ancestry.com offline for two days
  • CloudFlare acquires CryptoSeal, a VPN service for businesses
  • Mirror Image rolls out NoSQL database as-a-service to edge locations, offering a globally distributed database service for web and mobile applications
  • Incapsula is awarded the leadership position in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report for web application firewalls
  • Instart Logic rolls out to two features, and new software defined application delivery model
  • EdgeCast is rolling out its first web application firewall and DDoS mitigation platform in a few weeks
  • Akamai pushes 4.2Tbps of bandwidth at one of the World Cup games
  • IPv4 addresses are running out, and ICAAN unloading the last blocks of IPv4 addresses
June 2014 Web Server Market Share by Netcraft
  • 968,882,453 Websites
  • 6M more sites than last month
  • Apache accounted for 366,262,346 websites – 36.5%
  • Microsoft IIS accounted for 325,854,054 websites – 36.35%
  • Nginx accounted for 142,426,538 websites – 13.81%
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