SDN + CDN = SD-CDN (Software Defined Content Delivery Network)


Instart Logic pioneered the Software Defined Application Delivery Network, by introducing an intelligent software layer that sits on top of the browser in the form of a VM, and communicates back to the Instart Logic Cloud (CDN POP), and customer origin server. The Instart Logic software layer is intelligent, as in it learns its surroundings, and makes decision based on that input. Incapsula is doing the same thing but on the security side. They are pioneering the next generation of CDN DDoS Mitigation Services, thanks in large part to Imperva, one of the leading pure-play security companies. Together, Incapsula and Imperva are changing the CDN security feature set like no one ever before.

In the CyberSecurity front, Fortscale is a pioneer in developing a highly intelligent, artificially intelligent, next generation security platform that protects against the most vicious security threats – zero day vulnerabilities and advanced malware. In fact, their security platform has more built-in intelligence, than the technologies mentioned above. The core make-up of the Fortscale protection platform – algorithms that analyze the customer environment, traffic patterns, end user behavior and network behavior. Thereafter, it crunches the log data with its robust big data technology, offering real time analytics, and actionable intelligence. In a nutshell, Fortscale detects anomalies, and annihilates security threats. Arista Networks has dramatically changed the switch market, by introducing SDN into the switching equation. Their software layer makes intelligent decisions apart from the hardware. The whole foundation of SDN is separating the hardware from software. What do you get when you mix these four companies together, you get the Software Defined Content Delivery Network. More to be discussed in the following days.

Components of an SD-CDN = Software Defined Content Delivery Network
  • Instart Logic – First Software Defined Application Delivery Service Provider in the CDN Ecosystem
  • Incapsula – Pioneering the next generation of CDN DDoS Mitigation Services
  • Fortscale – Highly intelligent CyberSecurity Platform that analyzes traffic patterns, in order to detect anomalies and blocks threats
  • Arista Networks – Data Center Switches running on SDN Software Layer
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