Incapsula, Third Pillar of CDN Disruption


Incapsula is the third pillar of CDN disruption, alongside Instart Logic and Aryaka Networks. Move over Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Radware and Cisco, there’s a new start-up in town that’s disrupting the security market, and his name is Behemoth. Make no mistake, but Incapsula is the Facebook of the CDN industry, creating it’s own version of a high powered open source DDoS Mitigation Appliance. Check Out The Specs:  One appliance supports 170Gbps of capacity, and processes 100 million packets per second (PPS). Considering the biggest attacks today are in the range of 50M PPS, one Behemoth appliance handles 3x that amount. So not only is Incapsula a CDN offering Advanced DDoS Mitigation Services, they are a manufacturer of high performance DDoS Mitigation Appliances.

Incapsula, Provider to CDNs and Service Providers

If I’m Incapsula, this is what I do. I would create a comprehensive DDoS Mitigation product offering, and sell it to CDNs, Carriers, Cloud Companies and ISP’s. The offering would consist of the Incapsula WAF, Behemoth Appliance, integration, support and ongoing maintenance. Incapsula can make it plug-and-play, and charge about $125k to $250k per POP scrubbing center. The one big advantage that Incapsula brings to the table that others don’t, CDN experience. Incapsula can bring CDN experience to all engagements. After it is installed, Incapsula can charge an annual maintenance fee that includes patch updates, and free feature upgrades. Why would a CDN want to buy this vs build one? Building a DDoS Mitigation is extremely complicated, and time consuming. Plus, even if the CDN built one, there is a chance it might not work properly. The first CDN I would talk to is Limelight Networks. In the visualization below, this imaginary CDN deploys a DDoS Mitigation Solution with 4 scrubbing centers.

Incapsula DDoS For Service Providers
Incapsula DDoS For Service Providers
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