F5 Networks vs Akamai


It seems that F5 Networks is becoming more and more like a CDN of sorts. F5 develops appliances with features that mimic CDN functionality. Just like Akamai, F5 Networks offers global DNS services, WAF, load balancing and application acceleration services. The only difference, F5 is based on a hardware appliance, and Akamai is a cloud based service. The recent action of F5’s acquisition of Defense.net puts it in direct competition to Akamai, Incapsula, and the other soon to be CDNs offering DDoS Mitigation Services. F5 made a brilliant move in acquiring Defense.net, and has demonstrated that F5 is ready to become a cloud-based player. Although F5 doesn’t pose any threat to CDNs offering DDoS Mitigation Services today, that is likely to change in the future. F5’s business is on a collision course with the CDN industry, whether it sees it or not. CDNs are in the best position to offer DDoS Mitigation Services, due to their global reach and scale. F5 needs to rethink their cloud security strategy, and expand globally building out the Defense.net infrastructure, in order to compete more effectively against that Akamai’s of the world. Will F5 become a CDN? Nope, but it would be cool.

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