CDN Updates for July 2014


There’s been lots of activity in the CDN industry over the last 30 days. At the top of the news – Akamai streamed the US-Belgium World Cup match which peaked at 5.7Tbps. Currently, there is no other CDN that can support this volume of traffic. However, in the next few years Verizon EdgeCast is likely to get closer to Akamai’s bandwidth streaming capacity, being that Verizon is a Tier 1 Carrier. Next, Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) rolled out a new e-Commerce solution using EdgeCast Transact as the core, for retailers and online businesses. Lastly, Incapsula mitigated a five vector DDoS attack that lasted over 24 hours, and peaked at 100Gbps. Here is the 30 day update.

3 Day CDN Updates
  • Akamai News: US-Belgium World Cup match peaked at 5.7Tbps on Akamai’s network
  • VDMS News: Rolls out a new PCI Compliant eCommerce platform based on the EdgeCast Transact, bundling additional features in security and analytics
  • Amazon Cloudfront News: Introduces new features including mobile device detection, geo-targeting, multi-site hosting and cross origin resource sharing
  • Aryaka Networks News: Officially enters the CDN market, introducing an Enterprise CDN service for the enterprise that leverages its Aspera like high performance file transfer technology enabling optimization and acceleration in the first mile, middle mile and last mile
  • (DDoS) Incapsula News: Casino client encountered a sophisticated 5 vector DDoS attack in June that peaked at 100Gbps. Vectors used in the attack included NTP amplification, DNS amplification, DNS flood, Large SYN flood and SYN flood. DNS flood accounted for 75% of attack traffic and SYN flood was 20%. Attackers hid behind spoofed IP addresses making it impossible to track the origin of the attack
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