Cool Startup: Hexadite


Hexadite, a new security startup based in Tel-Aviv, has officially opened their doors this month, raising $2.5M from YL Ventures. The Hexadite team served in the Israeli Defense Forces, an elite intelligence unit within the Israeli Military, bringing deep experience in incident response, having worked with military intelligence units and global defense companies. Hexadite offers a fully Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS) that helps companies investigate security alerts and hidden threats, mitigating them in seconds or minutes, as opposed to days or weeks.

In the large enterprise environment, businesses receive thousands of daily security alerts, making it difficult to respond to every alert. Hexadite plugs the gap, and addresses this issue. Erak Barak (CEO) noted that AIRS is a solution that detects and addresses threats, not prevents them. According to many industry security pundits, prevention is dead. It’s impossible to prevent an attack, but that’s okay, as long as the attack is detected and mitigated quickly, before it starts stealing and sending valuable data outside the corporate network. Hexadite’s biggest competitor is Mandiant, who was recently acquired by Cisco. Here is a snapshot on Hexadite.

Company Background
  • Started: 2014
  • Raised: $3M
  • VC Backers: YL Ventures
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 8
  • Founders: Erak Barak (CEO), Barak Klinghofer (CPO) and Idan Levin (CTO)
  • Product: Fully Automated Incident Response Solution that helps enterprises investigate alerts and hidden threats, and close them out within minutes
  • Problem/Resolution: Current incident response tools and processes are scattered, fragmented, lack consistent integration and require extensive resources for mitigation. Hexadite’s brings all that together under one roof, offering a complete enterprise incident response solution for the enterprise.
  • Customers: Large enterprise, Mid-market and Government Agencies

  • SWAT Technology: Proprietary engine that incorporates intelligent algorithms and tools that powers the Hexadite Automated Incident Response Platform
  • AIRS automatically investigates every cyber-alert and applies cyber incident response best practices, mimicking a team of cyber incident response experts
  • Identifies all types of attacks from low-level threats to advanced persistent threats
  • SWAT: conducts parallel investigations, remediates large scale cyber events and validates remediation effectiveness
  • Interface is simple to install, manage, and easy to use
  • Integrates with 3rd party detection systems, and collects/analyzes data from network and endpoints
  • How it works: 1) detection devices send alerts to Hexadite 2) Hexadite collects relevant data for investigation 3) Data is analyzed via intelligent algorithms 4) Hexadite determines best course of action and 5) Remediation efforts neutralize the threat  Cool Startup: Hexadite
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