DDoS Attack Knocks eToro Offline

eToro, one of the leading online trading platforms for currency and commodities traders, with 2.75 million users in 140 countries was knocked offline by a DDoS attack. The eToro platform allows traders to share and discuss trades, positions and other financial metrics. I personally checked using simple searches to see if eToro is using a Content Delivery Network, and it appears like they are not using a CDN. We understand that this DDoS attack might be a smoke screen for other vector attacks. The first thing eToro needs to do is reach out to a CDN, and get them in there immediately. After all, this website is in the business of storing and securing financial data.

Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro made the following statement:

“I am sure that by now, most of you are already aware of the fact that our platform was under attack by a malicious group of hackers. I realize that many of you may be frustrated, angry, or simply worried following the unusual service interruptions that happened on Thursday, July 3rd and I wanted to contact you personally to apologize and explain what happened.”

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  1. eToro confirmed earlier today that they are using two leading CDNs for Content Delivery and DDoS Mitigation Services. That’s good news – I’m sure the two CDNs are on top of it, making sure the disruption is minimal. Its safe to assume that next time this happens, the attack will have no impact on eToro operations, as they are likely to implement stringent security measures that prevents this kind of attack from happening again.

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