End-2-End Digital Media Services


Many content delivery companies claim to offer end-to-end media delivery services, starting from content creation to content consumption. In the US market, Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) and Level 3 come closest to E2E content delivery. Both deliver linear and non-linear video content over CDN, terrestrial networks and satellite. No one else in the US can make that claim. However, there are still some gaps in their product offering. In Europe, there is actually one company, unknown to many, that is a little further along, that has a more complete media service portfolio, and their name is Arkena. Arkena is a very interesting company, in that they are a hybrid incorporating features from theĀ  likes of Vyvx, VDMS, Aspera and Uplynk. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they own all of their software stack, including the fast file transfer service, transcoding engine, and so on. VDMS and Level 3 use Aspera for fast file delivery service. Here is a snapshot on Arkena.

Arkena Product Features
  • European Content Delivery Network
  • Online Video Platform
  • Cloud-based Digital Rights and Scheduling Management Platform
  • Onsite appliance loaded with a robust transcoding engine and UDP file transfer service
  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Video delivery over CDN, Terrestrial Network and Satellite
  • Head-end and Playout
End-2-End Digital Media Services by Arkena
E2E Digital Media Services
E2E Digital Media Services
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