CDN Ecosystem Diagram v-4


Bizety is presenting the next version of the CDN Ecosystem Diagram that incorporates the latest research and analysis. This diagram has been completely renovated taking into account the changes that have occurred in the industry over the last 60 days. EdgeCast is now the solid #2 CDN player globally, and there is no disputing that fact. The purpose of the diagram is to illustrate the entire CDN Ecosystem and all of its players, including the non-CDN start-ups that utilize CDN like infrastructure to offer their innovative cloud based solutions. Limelight Networks is the #3 CDN, but not included in the center since they don’t offer the same feature set as Akamai and EdgeCast. Keep in mind the infograph is taking a macro-view of the entire ecosystem grouping CDNs according to functionality or focus. Although it is not perfect by any means, it is the most accurate and up-to-date diagram published anywhere.

CDN Ecosystem Categories
  • Innovation Driven: CDNs that out-innovate all other CDNs, and as such are able to win business against the more established players
  • Akamai and EdgeCast: CDN behemoths offering almost every feature there is in the ecosystem and at global scale
  • General CDNs: CDNs offering the general feature set and services including delivery of small file, large file and VOD
  • Compute: Cloud compute companies that make the majority of their revenue in compute, and have added CDN services as an added bonus
  • APAC: Largest CDNs in China and APAC
  • International CDNs: Growing CDN players in Europe & India
  • WAF – DDoS: F5 Networks provides CDN types services in appliances
  • Cyber Security: CDNs that offer the most robust security feature set
  • Regional: CDN operating in a small area in the USA
  • Media: CDNs that deliver 1M+ concurrent streams
  • CDN-in-a-box: Software companies offering CDN functionality in an appliance
  • B2B Content Exchange: B2B CDNs that offers services to studios, broadcasters and professional filmmakersver the cloud
  • CDN Analytics: Leading analytics used by all CDNs and by all large enterprises for measuring CDN performance
  • Caching Software: Dominant caching software platforms used by the majority of all CDNs

CDN Ecosystem Diagram v4

E-R CDN Ecosystem Diagram
E-R CDN Ecosystem Diagram
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