Thanks for visiting Bizety. I just wanted to share my CDN background with readers, since I haven’t mentioned much about myself on this blog. I have worked in technology sales and business development for the last 18 years. During this time, I’ve worked for Systems Integrators, four Tier 1 Carriers (like AT&T), and four CDNs, including Level 3 and EdgeCast. In the CDN space, I have closed 200+ contracts with companies in media, entertainment, Fortune 1000, carriers, start-ups, mid-market, e-commerce, Internet and ad networks.

During this time, I was fortune enough to speak to thousands of CDN prospects, which helped me develop a keen understanding of the customer mindset, expectations and requirements. In hindsight, I’ve lost to Akamai and Limelight dozens of times, and I have won against them dozens of times.  I know CDN pricing, feature sets, value propositions, and strengths & weaknesses of most CDNs in the ecosystem. And now that I don’t work for a CDN, I can stand back, and give a neutral assessment of the industry and its players. My philosophy is to be humble, work hard and learn constantly. Thanks for visiting, and please drop me an email to say hello.

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