Bizety vs Seeking Alpha on Limelight: Part 2


Recently, I posted a harsh response to a CFA Analyst on Seeking Alpha that wrote an extensive piece called “Limelight Networks Is In Terminal Decline, $1.50 Price Target”. His research breakdown was actually decent, and cited a bunch of numbers. However, his conclusion started off with “I’d recommend shorting LLNW down to $1.50 per share, not much lower where it was trading in May, blah, blah, blah…” So in another words, the purpose of his analysis was to push down LLNW stock, so shorts can make money. LLNW is one of two CDNs that are publicly traded, and they struggling mightily. However, it’s not time to “throw in the towel” yet for LLNW. Conclusion: If any stock guru or short seller is going to beat up on LLNW with analysis, in order to make a few bucks on the side, then they better be ready, because I will challenge their analysis.

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