Who is the Most Qualified to Run Limelight Networks


There’s lot of things happening in LLNW’s world. Netflix left, their network recently experienced an outage, and leadership is struggling to stay ahead of the competition. The recent outage while unfortunate, is not really an anomaly, since many other cloud companies have gone down, including Apple and Amazon. I have lost count how many times Amazon has gone down, and they are hosting bigger fish, in much greater volumes, but they are still doing okay. By December, if LLNW cannot turn around the ship, it might be time for a new CEO. Hopefully it doesn’t go there, but that is for Wall Street to decide. If that were to happen, who is the most qualified person in the world to run LLNW.

Of course, it’s non-other than Mark Taylor, VP of Content at Level 3. Since I’ve worked at Level 3, and heard him personally present in front of a large audience, just let me say he is a visionary, extremely technical, well spoken, and a natural leader that understands CDN, Carrier Infrastructure, Media, Entertainment, Security, and the overall market like no one else. We get to sample a part of his intellect in the public debate with David Young, VP of Regulatory Affairs at Verizon. David Young published an article regarding Netflix and Net Neutrality, and Mark Taylor published his response. This happened a couple of times. Just let me say that Mark came out as the winner, by leaps and bounds, and it’s not even close. Conclusion: Someone of Mark’s caliber is needed at LLNW, who understands CDN, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Security, and technology on a global scale.

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