How can Limelight Networks Get Its Mojo Back?


In 2008, LLNW was a formidable CDN. They would always be in the mix bidding on every large CDN opportunity. Then slowly over time, things started changing, and they kind of disappeared. The good old days are long gone, and LLNW is a different company, competing in a different CDN market. Innovation-driven start-up CDNs are ruling the day, creating services that address specific customer needs, whether its security, wireless last mile, e-commerce, small file delivery, software, games, and so on. What can LLNW do to change its fortune, and get its mojo back?

The Regeneration of LLNW

Today, LLNW needs to roll out a killer security product portfolio. If they take a risk, and acquire the right security start-ups, they will turn the tide. The US market is home to about nineteen CDNs, with a majority of them offering some sort of killer niche feature. LLNW needs to follow suit, and proactively ride the new market trends. Their is no trend bigger than what’s happening in the cyber security world.

  • Cyber attacks are increasing year over year, with some recent estimates saying that attacks are up 70%+ compared to last year
  • Just about every Fortune 500 has been breached
  • Dozens of high profile websites have been attacked this year
  • Cyber security start-ups are popping up at an increased rate, being fueled by unprecedented investment by VC’s
  • $350B is being siphoned annually by cyber crooks
  • Conclusion: Cyber security is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for LLNW
 LLNW Needs the Following Pieces to Complete the Puzzle
  • Buy BioCatch – leading identify and access management solution for websites – they do continuous authentication protecting companies from attackers with stolen credentials
  • Buy CyberReason – an advanced threat platform that detects and stops advanced threats in near real time
  • Buy some Incapsula Behemoth Servers – protects against DDoS attacks at layer 3 and 4
  • Install ModSecurity – most widely open source web application firewall
llnw security
llnw security
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