Akamai Grows Q2 Revenue by 26%


Akamai continues to impress in the earnings department, growing Q2 revenues 26% to $479M. In Q1, Akamai earned $454M. If we add $485M Q3 (analyst forecast), and $566M Q4 (25% growth), we get $1.98B in revenue for 2014. If Akamai can find that another $150M, they can reach $2B in revenue in 2014, a phenomenal CDN accomplishment. The next goal after that is to find another $3B in five years to reach their $5B annual revenue milestone. Next up, Limelight Networks.

Earnings Recap
  • Akamai forecasted 55 cents (EPS) in Q2
  • Akamai came in at 58 cents (EPS) in Q2
  • Revenue increased 26% to $479M
  • Media & Entertainment revenue was $216M
  • Performance and security solutions increased 294% to $217M
  • Analyst polled by Reuters expect revenues of $485M and 55 cents (EPS)
 2014 Revenue Forecast

$454M (Q1) + $479M (Q2) + $485M (Reuters forecast) + $566M (25% growth forecast over 2013 Q4) = $1.98B

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