July CyberSecurity Update


Cyber security is one of the hottest sectors in technology. A few CDNs have caught on, and are investing great sums of money in building out their security portfolios. Venture Capitalist recognize the trend, and will be investing an estimated $788M in cyber security start-ups this year, up from $452M in 2013. That’s definitely good news, because the capital is going to be needed to create new technologies to fight off the new cyber attacks, which are being invented every other month, it seems like. The public will get to see some of these creative attacks in a lab like setting at black hat, that takes place next week. As for CSO’s attending black hat, I’m sure they’ll have a hard time sleeping at night knowing their organizations are at risk of being breached in a number of different ways. A few of the attacks that will be presented at black hat are listed below.

Security Updates
  • How to hack the remote control system of a hotel including TV, temperature, music, lighting, blinds and wake up calls
  • Pivoting in Amazon Clouds – application security consultant will present on how misconfiguration in the complex AWS environment will allow hackers to gain access to OS, database, and applications via API
  • VoIP Wars – presenter will demonstrate how to breach a VoIP System by exploiting vulnerabilities on theĀ  SIP/VoIP Servers, and VLAN attacks, SIP trust hacking, call spoofing, and eavesdropping
  • Memcached injections – Memcache, which improves web app performance by caching in RAM, is also at risk to SQL injection attacks
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