Major Security Breach, 1.2 Billion Credentials Stolen


The Target security breach exposed 70M customer records. A Russian cyber gang topped that number, and stole 1.2B username/passwords and 500M email addresses. That’s more than the US population. The attackers stole credentials from the Fortune 500, to businesses of all sizes, all over the world. The attackers used the most popular technique in breaching online properties, SQL injections. The process is simple, the attackers created a special program, and used a low cost bot army to infect vulnerable websites, turning them into a zombie army. The rest is history. From there, the attackers accomplished their mission. FireEye, Palo Alto, Symantec, and Checkpoint are not enough when it comes to protecting websites. That’s where the CyberSecurity CDN comes into play.

The CyberSecurity CDNs offer the best protection against application layer attacks and SQL injections. These CDNs mitigate attacks at the CDN edge, in many countries, at scale, and on demand. The CyberSecurity CDNs have intelligent WAF’s that  incorporate robust rule sets, and DDoS Mitigation Services that no hardware vendor can match, at scale. The four leading CyberSecurity CDNs are Akamai, EdgeCast, CloudFlare and Incapsula. There is no more excuse for any company to experience an SQL injection breach. If budget is tight, CloudFlare and Incapusla offer a a free, and a low cost WAF for only a couple of hundred dollars per month. For the large enterprise, Akamai and EdgeCast are a good fit. This attack goes to show that there is a long way to go in educating businesses of all sizes, and in all countries about the security tools available to them in mitigating SQL injection attacks.

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