USIS Suffers Major Security Breach


US Investigations Services (USIS), which is part of the family of Kroll and HireRight, and collectively owned by Altegrity, Inc., suffered a major security breach by a state sponsored threat actor. USIS is the largest commercial organization providing background checks to the US Government, including the NSA, which performed 2M background checks in 2011. In addition, USIS offers global security services and training services to global enterprises. The security breach was severe enough that the Department of Homeland Security, and The Office of Personnel Management temporarily suspended their contract with the firm. Being who they are, and the type of services they provide, Altegrity’s best bet is to just hand over the keys to cyber security kingdom to IBM, and let IBM deal with the cyber warfare.  FireEye, Palo Alto or Checkpoint isn’t going to keep out a highly educated, highly skilled, and determined army of sophisticated threat actors. IBM is probably the only company in the world with the global resources to take on a thousand plus cyber army.

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