Recent Security Breaches in August


Next up are Albertson’s and SuperValu. The two well known grocery chains have become victims of a security breach. Hackers stole credit card and debit card data from both chains, impacting around a thousand locations. SuperValu stated the breach affected 228 stores, and Albertson’s about 700 stores. In other news, Tennessee Electric Company (TEC), a construction company had its bank credentials stolen, where hackers used the credentials to steal $192k in company funds from their bank TriSummit. The company and the bank are now headed for trial to battle it out, as the company faults its bank for allowing the crooks to wire transfer funds to 55 different accounts. The breach raises an interesting question, if a hacker steals bank credentials from a US business (businesses don’t have same protection as consumers), than the hacker uses the credentials to steal money from their bank, who is responsible. In some cases, the breached company has won, and in other cases the bank.

Recent Security Breaches in August 2014
  • Credit & Debit Card Data Stolen from Albertson’s and SuperValu. Close to 1,000 locations affected
  • Swiss bank customers – an advanced trojan known as “Retefe” has been attacking Swiss bank customers with a malware variant that is capable of intercepting SMS tokens, poisoning DNS settings an manipulating SSL
  • SCADA (industrial Control Systems) Security Breaches – Unisys & Ponemon Institute reported that 70% of the companies in a recent survey, which includes utility, oil, gas, energy and manufacturing companies, had their systems breached, resulting in the loss of confidential data or disruption of operations
  • Tennessee Electric Company – a construction firm was hacked, and banking credentials were stolen from the company, where hackers used credentials to steal $327k in company funds sent to 55 different locations. Bank recovered $135k, but the company lost $192k. Company and bank headed to trial
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