Recap of Limelight Networks Earnings for Q2 2014


Limelight Networks (LLNW) continues to make progress in its quest to become the number #2 CDN again. DuringĀ  the last earnings call, LLNW reported Netflix revenue at $5.4M, which was 13% of total revenue, and is estimated to drop to $1M in 3rd quarter. On the bright side, we can’t deny the fact that LLNW still have massive network capacity, able to stream large events. LLNW World Cup traffic peaked at 4Tbps+, with one customer almost reaching 1Tbps+. Here are some of the more interesting talking points during the earnings call.

Limelight Networks and World Cup
  • Bandwidth peaked at 4Tbps+
  • USA vs Germany match had 750k+ concurrent users
  • One customer almost reached 1Tbps in utilization
Limelight Networks CEO and CFO Talking Points During Call
  • CEO: Revenue from top 100 customers grew 9% year-over-year
  • CEO: Netflix revenue for the quarter was $5.4M
  • CEO: Regarding the recent network outage, he said “outages happen from time-to-time”, and “talking to our customers that no one is perfect”. “There is lots of stuff that goes on that you can’t control”
  • CEO: Primary competitors are EdgeCast, Level 3 and Akamaiat and CDNetworks in APAC, and the “competitive landscape hasn’t changed much”
  • CEO: There are some customers paying lower price points, and they want to discontinue with them
  • CFO: Storage as a product is behind expectations in terms of sales performance
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