CDN Ecosystem Updates #2



CloudFlare has introduced a new service called Tinfoil Security. Tinfoil Security is a scanner built from open source tools, and glued together with a “secret sauce”. The service scans for vulnerabilities within web applications. Tinfoil Security is similar to Contrast Security, however, Tinfoil is more focused on websites. The monthly pricing model is based on the number of pages scanned. This is an excellent add-on feature for CloudFlare, as it elevates itself to the next level in the CDN life cycle, and aims to convert some of the 1.9M non-paying customers into paying customers.

Monthly Plans CloudFlare App Tinfoil Security
  • Free XSS Plan:   Free scans for 200 pages of cross-site scripting
  • Starter Plan at $59:   Scans 500 pages
  • Standard Plan at $199:   Scans 1,500 pages
  • All Access Plan at $799:   Scans 2,500 pages


Yotta continues to make progress in growing its CDN business, and now counts Clarks and PCM (formerly PC Mall) as clients. The first thing I noticed visiting their website, their is no longer any published pricing plans on their website. I think that’s a good move on their part, since no enterprise CDN publishes pricing including Akamai, Limelight, EdgeCast or Level 3. The CDN that publishes prices on their website is at a disadvantage, in that it gives the competition more ammunition, and leverage in competitive situations. CDN pricing is an art and not a science. CDNs with feature rich portfolios have the ability to offer dozens of pricing plans by mixing and matching features. Just because a CDN offers a low price/GB, doesn’t mean their losing money on the deal, as most CDNs bundle many features along with data transfer, increasing the price/GB. Features like WAF, FEO, DSA, ADN, and so on, can add thousands of dollars to the CDN sale.


MaxCDN is an innovation driven CDN startup that has made strong progress in its feature set over the last two years. Their CDN platform is based on Nginx, and as such, they are on the receiving end enjoying the benefits from Nginx creating a commercialized division of their open source software. Nginx has received funding, and hired a strong executive team that is focused on rolling out features at a furious pace. Varnish Software and Nginx are the best two CDN caching platforms in the ecosystem. On a different note, MaxCDN has 600 peering partners and growing, including AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone. For the start-up CDN, peering is vital piece of the performance puzzle, especially with the Tier 1 Wireless Companies, since they are a wireless last mile provider.

 Platform Features
  • CDN based Nginx
  • 100% SSD Network
  • 600 Peering Partners
  • Peering with wireless last mile providers AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone
  • Instant Purge by filea and zone (cname)
  • New features: Raw logs API, SPDY Ready, and EdgeRules for Mobile
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