Chase and Home Depot Security Breach


It seems like we have another Target like fiasco on our hands, and this time it’s much worse, because Home Depot is 3X the size of Target. According to Krebs, 2000+ stores have been impacted by a cyber security breach, similar to the one that occurred against Target. From here on out, we know how the story goes: Home Depot calls in the security experts, US Senate conducts an investigation based on the “Intrusion Kill Chain” methodology, the CEO and CIO go into early retirement, earnings plunge for the next few quarters, and we are no better off today than in the past.

Now lets throw in the breach at Chase, which occurred via a zero day vulnerability of an Internet application, plus the attacks on hedge funds, industrial companies, and everyone else, and we get really close to what sounds like a broken record. Chase spends $200M annually on cyber security, and yet that didn’t completely work. The reason is simple; the adversary is a PHD in computer science, mathematics, physics, and rocket science. He spends 15 hours a day working hard behind a desk trying to find vulnerabilities, and uses the most advanced automation tools ever invented. Now multiply this adversary by tens thousand, and we fully get to understand why there are so many breaches. Cyber theft is a $300B+ industry, and it’s growing faster than some industries in Silicon Valley.

It’s time look inward, and say enough is enough. The Home Depot hack is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. What we need now is a game changing security system that makes life difficult for the PHD adversary, and presents him with Goldback Conjecture like challenges. What is needed is a radical new approach to security, that throws out the old system constraints, and does something that no other security system has done yet. I have the answer, and the solution is the 4th Generation CyberSecurity CDN that is leaps and bounds more advanced than anything in the market now today. And i think its the best security idea in the last few years 🙂 The details will be discussed in the next post.

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