Live Streaming 101 for Apple


Apple’s historical day turned out to be a live streaming disaster. According to Dan Rayburn, the Apple streaming failure stemmed from the improper set up of a web page hosting the video. What makes this worse, this is the second time Apple failed to stream a highly anticipated event. As far as who is to blame for the mishap, that’s all on Apple. We can now file this event in the same cabinet as the Oscars. Streaming 101: Whenever a large global corporation plans on streaming a live event to millions of folks, let Akamai do their job, and don’t get in their way. Let this be a learning experience for Apple, next time work with Akamai’s professional services to take charge of the whole event, starting from the planning stages, all the way till the end of the event. The million dollar question is now “Can Apple deliver a major portion of its own content via its internally built CDN”? Time will tell.

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