Saguna, Welcome to the CDN Ecosystem


Saguna Networks is an innovative start-up that is taking mobile CDN to a whole new level, by extending CDN functionality into the mobile network, (3G and 4G RAN). Saguna Networks was started by Lior Fite and Danny Frydman, two veterans with decades of experience in telecom, cellular and routing technologies. RAN stands for Random Access Networks, a term used in mobile networks that refers to the ACCESS part of the mobile network. Their product is called CODS Open-RAN, which accelerates content delivery in the mobile network. In addition, CODS monitors real-time radio congestion, and monitors end user distance, in order to optimize wireless last mile content delivery.

Saguna works with CDNs, and does not compete against them. One of the biggest challenges that CDNs encounter in mobile networks, is that they operate outside the mobile network, and have little control over it. Saguna is the answer that bridges the gap by extending CDN functionality into the mobile network. One of their first CDN partners is non-other than Akamai. Saguna enables Akamai to operate within the mobile network (base station) more efficiently. Other CDNs are likely to follow suit, as Saguna will enable them to become a truly wireless last mile CDN that operates within the 3G/4G mobile network.

Company Background
  • Company: Saguna Networks
  • Started: 2008
  • Investors: Private
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 24+
  • Founders: Lior Fite (CEO) and Danny Frydman (CTO)
  • Product (CODS): Content Delivery and Radio Access Network (RAN) Application Acceleration that works within mobile networks. Product offers in-mobile-network content caching, DNS caching, real-time monitoring of mobile network congestion, and reporting
  • Awards: Received Intel’s Network Builders Award and Finalist for Best of 4G World
  • Customers: CDNs and Network Operators

  • Open-RAN is a platform that accelerates content delivery and applications in mobile networks (3G and 4G Radio Access Networks)
  • Product is called Saguna CODS, which improves radio utilization, reduces congestion, and secures against unlawful interception
  • CODS comes with three modules: 1) Accelerate 2) Connect and 3) Collect
  • Accelerate Module: Improves network performance within the RAN, minimizes response times, and comes with three features: content caching, RAN-Aware Video Optimization (RAVO) and DNS Caching
  • RAVO monitors radio congestion level, detects log radio congestion, and uses video optimization technique for pushing video in empty radio space
  • Connect Module: Provides an interface to CDNs, where CDNs can extend their functionality into the 4G RAN, thus helping CDNs accelerate content delivery in fixed broadband networks
  • Collect Module: Reporting module that provides real-time radio network data and integrates into CDN systems. The data includes radio-access utilization patterns by cell, location, user, application, detailed session records on TCP flow, and cell-level network status
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