Q&A with Fireblade CEO Shay Rapaport


Fireblade, a new type of hybrid CDN is changing the dynamics of CDN edge security. They have introduced innovative features into the CDN Ecosystem that once belonged to the FireEye’s of the world. The Fireblade platform is based on an advanced behavioral engine that captures data in real time, identifies anomalies, and mitigates them in real time. The Fireblade mindset is similar to other hot cyber security companies, where they present security as “prevention is dead, its all about real time detection and mitigation” and applied it to CDN. Fireblade provides the extra layer of security, supplementing the traditional  WAF security, which is based on detecting attacks using signatures.

Now for the Q&A session. Many thanks to Shay Rapaport, CEO of Fireblade, for setting time aside for a call, and answering these basic questions.

Is FireBlade a Security based CDN similar to Incapsula and CloudFlare?

Shay: Yes, just like these two companies. With a simple DNS change, customers can get global content delivery services coupled with complete website security.

 What makes you different than Incapsula and CloudFlare?

Shay: A few things:

A. Our behavioral security and bot detection are far more advanced. We copy all traffic logs, stripped from PII in real-time, and push them to a Central Security Cloud, and with additional info that we collect, such as device fingerprints, and actual user GUI interactions, to detect anomalies and block them instantly.

B. We provide uptime and site health monitoring with hot alerts, allowing customers to react immediately if an anomaly is detected.

C. We are Reseller Friendly with APIs, co-branding and white-labeling options, with complete flexibility over the plans and pricing.

D. We focus entirely on the software and intelligence, rather than infrastructure. We partner with Edgecast, and use the most robust network infrastructure available.

Tell me about your infrastructure, caching platform, and any other juicy details you would like to share with Bizety readers 

Shay: We use NGiNX as our reverse proxy, and have built our own caching technology. We also use Edgecast for caching, so when customers subscribe to Fireblade, their DNS will actually point to the Edgecast Edge nodes.

If you run your own CDN POPs, do you use anycast routing?    

Shay: Edgecast uses anycast for tor the TCP/HTTP traffic, like Cloudflare does. Typically, every continent will have its own anycast IP address.

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