Sitelock Flips CDN Business Model Upside Down


Sitelock, based in Scottsdale Arizona has just flipped the CyberSecurity CDN business model upside down. Sitelock is a CyberSecurity CDN that is larger than CloudFlare with 1M paying customers. The best part is that Sitelock doesn’t have its own CDN, but leverages another CDN for its infrastructure, and has built a security layer that sits on top of that existing CDN. Their business model is to take existing CDN infrastructure, add a few layers of security to it, and sell it to customers. It makes sense, in that why build an expensive CDN infrastructure when a company can just rent one. It saves a ton in CAPEX and reduces the cost of entry.

Sitelock offers different plans on its website, starting from $49/month to  $139/month. Hostgator is also a Sitelock partner offering 80% discounts, with one popular plan at $5/month for 500 pages scanned. That means if all 1M Sitelock customers pay $5/month, Sitelock is generating $60M/year in revenue, making them larger than CloudFlare from a revenue standpoint.

Sitelock Pricing Plans
  • SecureSpeed – $49/month
  • SecureSite – $99/month
  • SecureStore – $139/month
  • SecureVIP – Custom
  • Hostgator Resells Plan at 80% discount
CloudFlare vs Sitelock Revenue
Company # of Paying Clients 2014 Est Revenue
CloudFlare 190,000 $40M
Sitelock          1,000,000 $60M+
 Benefits of Building a Layer On Top of CDN
  • No need to buy hundreds or thousands of servers
  • No need to build POP in dozens of cities
  • No need to buy redundant routers/switches per POP
  • Reduce CAPEX by contracting with CDN on a monthly commit, and pay for spikes above commit
  • Wide selection of high performing CDNs to pick from
  • Save time in configuring servers, routers, switches, and so on

New Business Model for CyberSecurity CDN

New CyberSecurity Model
New CyberSecurity Model

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