Attacks against Akamai and DoD


Stephane Chazelas, the engineering stud living in Britain who discovered Shellshock stated what he found “was quite scary”. The bug has been around since 1993, and can be found on hundreds of millions of devices. The exploit allows hackers to infect systems, and take control of them from there. Some have indicated that it takes a certain amount of work to be able to infect a system, yet many hackers have already begun infecting systems with newly created viruses. According to Emanuele Gentili, the founder of Tiger Security based in Italy, noted a few days ago that he observed UDP based attacks against Akamai and Department of Defense. But then again, large CDNs are attacked regularly, due to their sheer size; it just comes with the territory. No need to worry though, as Akamai and the DoD probably have the most robust Defense-in-Depth strategy of any organization on the planet.

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