Cool Startup: Observable Networks


Observable Networks, a cyber security startup, was founded in Clayton, MO by Dr. Patrick Crowley, a computer science professor at Washington University in 2011. Observable Networks has developed a cloud-based security system that offers advanced visibility into the behavior of all network devices, all the time, offering a unique SaaS-based subscription that is end-user friendly.

Observable Networks Facts
  • Founded: 2011
  • Raised: $4 Million
  • Product: CDP Cyber Security technology
  • Functionality: Continuously analyzes behavior of security devices simultaneously, in real-time
  • HQ: St. Louis, MO
  • Employee Count via LinkedIn: 11-50
  • Founders: Patrick Crowley
  • CEO: Bryan Doerr
Product Offering

With the expansion of encrypted zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats, firewalls, antivirus, and other perimeter-based security systems are increasingly futile. Observable Networks’ CDP (Continuous Device Profiling) technology integrates automated security analytics with real-time traffic sensors in networks ranging from 100s to millions of devices. Their solution aids customers by detecting suspicious behaviors that alternative security and network management technologies are unable to identify.

Observable Networks brings to the market:
  • No DPI – detection in encrypted networks
  • No signatures – detection of snowflake & zero day threats
  • No payload capture – real-time analytics using meta data only
  • No specialized hardware – rapid integration and zero $CapEx
  • No agent software – full capability with no software on endpoints
  • Single system – detection of both internal & external threats
  • Zero touch – end-user friendly implementation & operation
Wrap Up

Observable Networks’ service is scalable and priced accordingly to accommodate both small and large networks. With their investment from DH capital, coupled with their Series A1 funding, they are in a great position for growth as they now have the necessary resources to expand their market presence. Their solution is unprecedented – a continuous, unobstructed view of the behavior of managed and unmanaged devices including printers, scanners, security cameras, building controls, manufacturing automation, and employee-owned devices. Observable empowers their customers to discern between abnormal and normal behavior, allowing for faster remediation of compromised devices.

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