Google’s Great Firewall of the World


Google developed the Google Spanner, which is the Single Largest Database on Earth. Is it possible that Google will rise to the occasion and develop a similar technology for cyber security? If so, what would it would be called? Google’s Great Firewall of the Earth. It would be orders of magnitude more valuable to the Internet user population than Spanner, SPDY, PageSpeed, and most of everything else that has come out of Google labs. If Google decides to give it a go, it would probably be one of Googles greatest challenges ever, and if they were to succeed, the online world would be a much safer place. If there is one word to describe what Google is, what would it be? Here’s the answer.

  • Microsoft => Desktops
  • Cisco => Networking
  • Oracle => Database
  • LinkedIn => Resume
  • Netflix => VOD
  • Apple => Mobile
  • Facebook => Social Media
  • Google => Internet

Google is the Internet and its financials back up that claim. Google has a market cap of $368B, cash hoard of $61B (cash & short term investments), income of $31B from six months ended June 30, 2014, and net cash flow (from operating activities) of $10B from six months ended June 30, 2014. Google has given the CDN Ecosystem PageSpeed and SPDY, but more help is needed in the realm of cyber security. Google has the most to gain and the most to lose when it comes to the Internet, and with cyber theft on the rise, consumer confidence in the Internet is taking a major hit.

Cyber-theft is top of mind for most Internet users, especially ones in the US, as cyber theft is costing society about $300B to $450B per year. Now the global financial systems and critical infrastructure of individual countries are vulnerable. Google, being the good steward of the Internet that it is, must allocate a $2B to $4B to help fight cyber theft. Here is an idea for Google, and there is no better way to describe it than to illustrate it.

Google’s Great Firewall of the World
Googles Great Firewall
Googles Great Firewall
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