CDN Ecosystem Diagram 10


We are publishing the 10th edition of the CDN Ecosystem Diagram. The ecosystem continues to grow at a healthy clip. In this diagram, we separate the CyberSecurity start-ups into three categories: New Gen CyberSecurity CDNs, CyberSecurity CDNs and DDoS Mitigation Service Providers. The New Gen group is a new breed of start-up that takes the CDN security feature set to a deeper level. Not only do they offer robust DDoS Mitigation and Advanced WAF services, but their platforms also protect against intelligent bots attacks, click fraud, form fraud, scraping, and more. Some of the New Gens CyberSecurity CDNs have built their own CDN infrastructure from the ground up like Distill Networks. Others are leveraging existing Tier 1 Global CDN infrastructure like Sitelock. Sitelock has proven that start-ups no longer need to build CDN infrastructure from scratch in order to be successful. Instead, the New Gen CyberSecurity start-ups can invest more resources in the security feature set.

CDN Ecosystem Diagram v. 10

CDN Ecosystem V10
CDN Ecosystem V10
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