SiteLock Infinity: Continuous Security


SiteLock is releasing a new security feature this week and after speaking with CEO Neil Feathers, Bizety has the inside scoop on Infinity straight from the source. SiteLock Infinity is an automated malware identification and removal tool and is revolutionary in a few key ways. It is a product for continuous security in very near real-time, identifying malicious software and then instantly removing it without involvement from the host site. A series of reports will be updated through their dashboard with a list of all the scans, what was found, and what was removed. After removal, Infinity continues to scan as the software is always on, an incredibly useful feature as hackers often re-hack sites multiple times, depending on the popularity of the site and aggression level of the attacker.

Competitors, like Incapsula and Cloudflare, don’t really offer anything comparable to the SiteLock Infinity service. The closest feature Incapsula provides is a type of quarantine function for spotting malicious script served through a customer’s site. However, it stops there where Infinity will go ahead and instantly remove the harmfully identified software. Cloudflare has limited malware removal, but the arrangement is different and Infinity’s frequency blows Cloudflare’s out of the water. This feature will remove anything from java script injections, FTP compromise, DDoS, IRC sessions, Shells, and even though its tailed off a bit recently, BitCoin mining. It will pull down the files, then push out the empty of that file if it’s compromised. If it’s only a section of the file that’s harmful, then the software can actually remove only the infected part and re-upload the clean version of the file. Continuously. The competition is in for quite the rude awakening.

Feathers assures us that the infrastructure will have no problem supporting the new product, as they have gradually added users to the software over time. It’s not pulled through HTML, but rather through FTP or Rsync depending on customer preference, so it’s happening in back-end. Therefore, performance is not compromised because they’re not putting any traffic on the site. The feature will be an option for existing customers and depending on their package of service, will be immediately available or require an upgrade to receive its benefits. 

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