How Big Is the CDN Market

It’s that time again, where we try to figure out the size of the global CDN market using sophisticated mathematics (adding). Trying to figure out the exact market size of the CDN industry is extremely difficult, since most private CDNs refuse to disclose annual revenues. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a shot. Below is a ball park range of the annual revenues of the industry, which gives us a more complete picture. The most obvious known fact, Akamai commands 50%+ market share of the CDN industry. However, Akamai’s total percentage (not revenue) of the CDN market is probably shrinking in the single digits, due to the fact that more CDNs are entering the ecosystem and doing quite well in the “generating revenue” category.

2014 Rough Estimate of CDN Market Size
  • Akamai: $2B
  • Limelight: $155M
  • Level 3: $150M to $250M
  • Amazon: $200M to $250M
  • Azure: $75M to $125M
  • EdgeCast: $150M to $250M
  • Sitelock: $75M to $125M
  • CloudFlare: $40M
  • Highwinds: $35M
  • Internap: $15M to $20M
  • Yottaa: $30M
  • Mirror Image: $30M to $50M
  • Distil Networks and Fireblade: $25M to $40M
  • Cachefly, MaxCDN, Incapsula: $40M
  • Instart Logic and Fastly: $40M to $70M
  • Aryaka Networks: $50M to $75M
  • Zscaler: $75M to $150M
  • APAC – CDNetworks, ChinaCache & ChinaNetCenter: $250M to $350M
  • European CDNs – Leaseweb, Arkena, Octoshape, Telefonica, DT, Hibernia, KeyCDN, CDN77, CDNify: $75M to $125M
  • Bitgravity, MetaCDN: $20M to $35M

 Market Size: $3.5B to $4.2B

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    • Hi Dan, Great to have you. I’m your biggest fan, and I’ve been reading your blog for the last 6-7 years. Your acknowledgement of my existence is much appreciated. The purpose of the post is to estimate the total CDN market size, not how much each CDN does or does not do in annual revenue. If your estimates are below or above the $3.5B to $4.2B market size range, please share the insight. Also, next time I do this exercise, I will include all the cliff notes to appease you.

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