Right up Google’s Alley: 255Tbps over Single Fiber Strand


A few brains from the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) and the University of Central Florida got together over a few drinks and created an “Ultra-high-density spatial division multiplexing with a few-mode multicore fibre”. In simple terms, it just means some scientist found a way to get more bang from the buck out of single-mode fibre using some fancy wavelength division multiplexing. This product isn’t hitting the market anytime soon, but if Google steps up to the plate, maybe we can see something in five years.

Throw Net Neutrality Out the Window

This is dream come true for Google, Netflix, CDNs, and all of mankind. Just imagine the global implications where a single strand of fiber will deliver 255Tbps of data transfer. Now take that a step further, and imagine Level 3, AT&T and hundreds of global carriers implementing thousands of these cool fiber strands all over the world. Netflix could stream to its heart desire any day of the week without a hitch. Also, 4k could become mainstream. And Net Neutrality, we could just throw that out the window, or put it on this super high speed Pbps network. The question is “what company is going to step in and make it happen sooner rather than later? My chips are on Google.

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