Cool Startup: Bromium


Bromium, the hot security start-up, was founded with its mission being to “restore trust in computing.” Bromium has pioneered the cyber security front with a unique approach; diverging from the traditional detection method, and instead focusing on a new tactic: isolation. Insisting that detection simply is not good enough to compete with the sophistication of today’s cyber threats, Bromium presents an isolation model using micro-virtualization technology (micro-VM). The micro-VM isolates all user tasks and commands -even something as small as opening an email attachment- into a secure container. Potentially harmful traffic or malware that may enter the container will be unable to access vital data, and as soon as the task is complete, the micro-VM is discarded, along with it, any known or zero-day vulnerabilities. This is a revolutionary approach to endpoint security, eliminating the need for IT monitoring and drastically reducing the amount of security patching.

  • Started: 2010
  • HQ: Cupertino
  • Raised: $75.8M
  • VC Backers: Intel Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and others
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 156
  • Founders: Gaurav Banga (CEO), Simon Crosby (CTO) and Ian Pratt (EVP Products)
  • Main Product: Endpoint security solution based on micro-virtualization (VM) technology that detects and mitigates advanced malware through the use of isolation and containment
  • Differentiation: Pioneer in micro-virtualization security
  • Customers: Fortune 1000 and Mid-market
  • Products: vSentry and Lava
  • vSentry: Protects desktops and laptops through hardware-enforced isolation. It uses proprietary technology to detect malware, and discard it
  • Live Attack Visualization and Analysis (Lava): application installed on endpoints that enables customers to detect real attacks to determine who is target in order to provide actionable intelligence in countering threat
  • Bromium Microvisor: virtualization hardware technology in endpoint systems that builds “micro-VMs” for each “end-user task”
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