Cool Startup: Zenedge


Zenedge, the hot new CyberSecurity startup based in San Jose CA has just raised $3.5M in venture capital. Zenedge was founded by a veteran team of entrepreneurs who have vast experience working in the start-up ecosystem. Zenedge is a new breed of start-up that has built an advanced web security platform from the ground up that detects and mitigates attacks in real time, whether it’s a DDoS attack, web application attack, zero day attack, or intelligent bot attack. Zenedge offers a security layer at the edge, in the last mile, where it stops attacks before they reach the origin server or corporate perimeter.

The Zenedge platform is an algorithm-driven, behavioral based engine that ingest large amounts of data, analyzes it real time, correlates it, and stops all anomalous activity. Zenedge compliments perimeter based security solutions like Palo Alto Networks, Imperva, Radware and F5 Networks. In addition, they compliment CDNs like Akamai, Level3 and Limelight. That’s huge since many companies have invested million of dollars in these infrastructure players. Unlike CloudFlare which initially built its platform for the SMB market, Zenedge built their platform to protect large enterprises and financial institutions.

Company Background
  • Started: 2014
  • Raised: $3.5M Series A
  • HQ: San Jose, CA
  • # of Employee: 15+ and growing
  • VCs: Needham & Company Chairman Andrew Malik and Fred Sorkin
  • Co-founders: Yuri Frayman (CEO), Alp Hug (COO), Leon Kuperman (CTO) and Laurent Gil (SVP)
  • Product: New generation Cyber Security platform that detects and mitigates advanced threats, DDoS attacks, malware, click fraud and web application attacks
  • Customers: Fortune 1000, Financial Institutions and Mid-market
Zenedge Features
  • Zenedge offers three plans: Enterprise, Enterpris+ and Elite
  • Enterprise Plan: Feature packed with DDoS mitigation against 3/4/7 attacks, WAF, bot detection, FEO, 24×7 daily threat monitoring
  • Enterprise+ Plan: Includes all of the above plus complex WAF rule support, IP reputation monitoring, internal reputation blacklisting and advanced FEO rule support
  • Elite Plan: Includes all of the above plus external reputation blacklist, dark internet monitoring, ethical hacking, full threat simulation and regression testing, forensic SWAT Team, and dedicated PCI compliant infrastructure
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