Cool Company: Black Lotus


Black Lotus, based in San Francisco with operations in LA is an up-and-coming DDoS Mitigation Provider focused on the Service Provider market. Its customers include OnApp and HubSpot. Black Lotus has five scrubbing centers in total, and protects companies against Layer 3/4/7 DDoS attacks. In May 2012, Black Lotus acquired the hosting company ServerOrigin. Then in October 2013, Black Lotus acquired the managed hosting division of 8×8 Inc. for $3M. The key technology powering the Black Lotus Platform is their patent pending Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) application that collects HTTP request, and puts them through a series of steps, in order to determine whether a request is valid or malicious. Valid request are moved to a whitelist and malicious request to a blacklist.

Company Background
  • Company: Black Lotus
  • Started: 1999
  • Raised: $9.5M (includes $6M in debt financing)
  • HQ: San Francisco
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 29
  • VCs: Industry Capital and East West Bank
  • Leadership: Arman Khalili (CEO) and Shaw Marck (CSO)
  • Product: DDoS Mitigation Service Platform for Service Providers. Protects companies against Layer 3/4/7 attacks
  • Customers: Service Providers, Cloud Companies, Hosting Companies and Online Companies
  • 1Tbps of active DDoS mitigation capacity
  • Scrubbing centers in Los Angeles, Ashburn, Amsterdam, San Jose and Santa Clara
  • Partnering with Equinix, Coresite, Level 3 and GTT
  • Connect to Black Lotus: via cross connect or through GRE tunnels
  • Protects a customer’s entire BGP network against DDoS attacks
  • Patent-pending Human Behavior Analysis DDoS Mitigation System filters application layer request
  • Customers may use Black Lotus dedicated servers to host applications
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