CDN Feature Set Continues to Evolve


The CDN feature set continues to evolve as new CDNs entering the ecosystem continue to push the envelope in feature set innovation. Features that were once the domain of the traditional security appliance are now finding there way into the CDN edge. However, CDNs are updating and cloud enabling those features so they scale on demand across different locations within minutes. Traditional web security appliances, load balancers, next-gen firewalls, and to some extent endpoint security functionality are being adapted and improved by CDNs.

CDNs look at security from a different perspective; instead of waiting for the attacks to occur at the corporate perimeter, they fight them at the CDN edge. In addition, feature set innovation is also taking place in the performance stack, where milliseconds of page load times are being shaved off with new features from the likes of Fastly and Instart Logic. Here is a visual of the feature set generations starting from the early CDNs to the next gen CDNs.

CDN Feature Set Innovation

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