Instart Logic Continues with Fast Pace Innovation


On November 12th, Instart Logic formally announced its Cloud Application Security Suite, which is now available for customers. A few days earlier, our team interviewed their executive team to discuss the specifics around the new security suite offering. Instart Logic is one of the most innovative startups in the ecosystem, and the continued evolution of Instart Logic’s product line solidifies its position as leader in all aspects of the business. Before diving into the feature set, the team first discussed its vision behind the product, noting their intent to suspend increasingly sophisticated and scalable attacks over a broader surface area, through a distributed defense that notably extends into the cloud.

The new suite boasts three key components: Secure ProxyWall with WAF and Origin Protection, DDoS Protection, and a Level 1 PCI Compliance network. The ProxyWall inspects plain text and SSL-encrypted traffic, and is available in PCI and non-PCI environments. Providing classic web app firewall capabilities, it allows the company to inspect HTTP traffic and detect malicious activity (SQL, cross site scripting, etc.). The WAF is based on the ModSecurity and  comes with the OWASP core rule set. It has the ability to block and prevent traffic from passing through to the origin. This protection ensures that Instart Logic’s proxy alone will talk to a customer’s origin server, while the rest of the Internet will be firewalled off. The suite also absorbs DoS and DDoS attacks at the edge and provides robust PCI compliance to online businesses.

To complement the Cloud Security Suite, Instart Logic has expanded its analytic portal, supplying a dashboard equipped with a variety of sections composed of aggregate statistics. One can simply drill in information such as geographic distribution, frequency, severity, or time frame and this information is collected from the company’s POP infrastructure.  Security logs are also regularly delivered to a client’s security team. The company itself views the product as a no brainer, as it compliments existing security and adds extra layers of protection with no disruption.

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