Instart Logic Raises the Bar of Innovation

Instart Logic has come a long way since our first conversation on January 7th, 2014. Prior to this date, all that was known about them was that which was presented in the media – the big rounds of funding and the quality and quantity of the technical staff, which is off the charts. At first, the Instart Logic story was different, and difficult to understand because they presented a fresh approach to content delivery, in that some features were not typical of a CDN. However, over time it became abundantly clear what they do best and that’s “Software Defined Application Delivery” or SDAD.

Instart Logic uses many of the latest technologies in their platform including big data, SDN, security, and virtualization, and boy do they know virtualization. A big chunk of their staff came from the likes of Citrix and VMWare. Fast forward to today, and their track record for innovation progress has been astounding. It’s one thing to create a killer feature, but it’s another thing to continue doing so every 3-6 months. In case anyone is wondering, Instart Logic has made significant progress in 11 months. They are the leader and benchmark for CDN innovation, not because their features are better than everyone else, but because they innovate furiously with a great sense of urgency.

Cloud Application Security Suite

Instart Logic has just rolled out their Cloud Application Security Suite, which is their WAF offering bundled with some other custom features. Some competitors might say “we’ve been doing WAF for years, and my our response would be “yes your right, but Instart Logic is innovating at a faster pace, imagine what it will look like in 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months”. With that being said, there are about half dozen CDN startups that are right behind Instart Logic breathing down their neck in the innovation department. That’s actually a good thing, since competition forces companies to innovate at a faster pace.

Next up for Instart Logic: We challenge Instart Logic to take their virtualization skill set and know-how, and build a FireEye and Bromium like VM feature or container that can isolate and detonate malware, bots and zero days at the CDN Edge.


  • Today it’s a fun time to be in the CDN infrastructure industry
  • The lifecycle for new feature set development and roll out is 6 months now, whereas two years ago it was 12 – 16 months. If CDNs are not rolling out new features every six months, they risk being left behind in the innovation business
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4 thoughts on “Instart Logic Raises the Bar of Innovation”

    • Great feedback. However, Instart Logic SDAD’s technology is much more than just a positioning statement or marketing jargon – its their identify, core being, brand, vision, and who they are. They are not like all other CDNs (Highwinds, Internap, Cachefly, etc) offering the basic streaming and caching services – they are the clear cut leader of all CDNs when is comes to implementing and leveraging virtualization/SDN/application delivery in helping clients meet their challenges.

      Their is a reason why Instart Logic is winning over large enterprises, although
      their prices are higher than the competition, including Akamai in some cases, and that’s because of their superior technology stack.

      Also, their service “image streaming” is not the same kind of streaming many are accustomed to hearing, as in streaming video via RTMP, HLS, or HDS. In their world, image streaming is a process where a browser renders a small percentage (15% or whatever) of an image and makes it viewable orders of magnitude faster than regular caching. How much more, I’ve heard anywhere from 3x to 7x.

      Virtulization/SDN/Open Compute/NFV is going to dramatically alter the CDN landscape and separate the boys from the men.

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