CDN Ecosystem Diagram v12


Bizety is presenting the next update to the popular CDN Ecosystem diagram. The space continues to evolve as new start-ups enter it. The collapsing of the Security and CDN sectors are blurring the lines further between CDNs and non-CDNs, as we see the functionality of F5 Networks, Radware and Imperva WAF make its way to the CDN edge. The CDN industry is no longer about caching, streaming, transcoding, transparent caching, ADN, FEO, WAF, DSA, and so on. Even the published reports that talk about CDN Market Share are off the mark.

Akamai knows more about CDN market share than any other company, being that every large company is their customer. They have great insight into the industry having seen the evolving CDN traffic patterns over the last decade. In the next 6-8 weeks, we are going to publish our own full report on the CDN Market that takes into account other areas that were never considered before. Our goal is to redefine the way folks think about the CDN Market and its metrics, but for now here is the diagram.

  • Update #1:  Black Lotus, a competitor to Neustar was added to the diagram
  • Update #2: The pure-play start-up security companies we have been covering have been added. They are the benchmark of innovation across the entire technology industry

CDN Ecosystem Diagram v12

CDN Ecosystem Diagram 12

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