Limelight Networks is Making it Happen


There seems to be some positive traction coming from the Limelight Networks (LLNW) camp. Their stock is up to $2.80/share, and they’ve been active in developing new products and value props. Here is a snapshot of the latest news:

It’s good to see LLNW being more proactive in creating and developing new value props and packages, as compared to six months ago. When it comes to broadcasting, there are two types of broadcast + CDN offerings: 1) the traditional broadcasters like ESPN that use Level 3 to deliver linear and non-linear video and 2) VOD companies that deliver video over a CDN, like what LLNW refers to as “Broadcast Quality Generation”. The traditional broadcasting (linear) + CDN (VOD) is one area where Level 3 (via Vyvx) excels and leads because they are the only CDN that can mix and match traditional broadcast delivery (teleport, satellite, IP video over fiber network) with CDN delivery. For example, Level 3 can ingest a live feed right from the football stadium, then back haul it over their fiber network to their CO (central office / POP) and deliver it to national audiences over satellite, or transcode it (via Excel Media) into different renditions and deliver it over the Internet as VOD.

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