Zenedge Continues To Innovate at a Furious Pace


Zenedge, the innovation-driven start-up offering Web Application Security and DDoS Mitigation Services is taking the standard CyberSecurity CDN business model to another level, beyond the typical CDN + WAF + DDoS Mitigation Service Provider offering. Just like Instart Logic is leading the pace of innovation on Software-defined Application Delivery, Zenedge is leading the charge on the Cyber Security front creating new features that no other CDN offers today. Zenedge continues to go deeper into the security stack – now offering a security solution from the last mile to the first mile. During our conversations with Leon (CTO) the one major theme that came up time and time again was “Zenedge is out to protect customers from the unknown vulnerabilities”.

They’re speaking our language, since we have been preaching about this type of security for the last several months.  Zenedge calls their new offering “Dome” which not only protects customers from cyber attacks, but also protects customers from cyber attacks launched against them by their own vendors and suppliers who have been hijacked. This is what I call a killer feature.  The best way to described a “killer” feature is to compare it to another. When Incapsula arrived on the scene a while back they were the first CyberSecurity CDN to offer Login Protect and Advance Bot Protection. That was then, and this is now, and the beauty of this industry is that no company is the clear cut leader once and for all, as there will always be someone else in the trenches working on something better, and today the better feature is Dome.

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