CDNetworks Cool Feature, SAP App Acceleration


CDNetworks has been around for many years, and although their US presences is not as strong as some US based CDN start-ups, they make up for it in APAC, Russia, and other emerging regions known as BRIC. CDNetworks is like the EdgeCast of APAC, offering all the standard caching and streaming features, basic DDoS protection, DSA/ADN, and so on. The only gap in their product line is the lack of WAF, based on their website info. CDNetworks has 140 POPs and delivers content for 40,000 websites. The one feature that really stands out more than any other is the SAP Netweaver Accelerator. Netweaver is the SAP equivalent of Share Point that is used to front end the SAP back-end business applications so employees can access corporate applications remotely over the Internet.

SAP is a leading software provider of ERP, Supply Chain, HR and the traditional back-end business application that help organizations run their business (accounting, finance, HR, manufacturing, distribution… ) and is used by some of the largest enterprises in the world. A few years ago SAP branched out into cloud applications, acquiring some technology and building others, in order to take advantage of this growing trend. CDNetworks worked with SAP Labs and received SAP’s seal of approval for working in the Netweaver environment.

CDNetworks B2B CDN Over Public Cloud Solution for SAP Netweaver Customers

By doing so, CDNetworks broke from the traditional B2C CDN business model, and became a B2B CDN solution for SAP customers running over the public cloud, as opposed to Aryaka Networks which runs on a private cloud where their POPs are connected to each other via point-to-point connections. There are three CDNs that have B2B solutions for the back-end application environment: Aryaka Networks, Akamai and CDNetworks.

CDNetworks Accelerate SAP Feature

This integration is nothing short of phenomenal for a CDN, because they bridge the gap between the back-end business application and front-end web application environment. This shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone but the CDN that can penetrate this front-end to back-end acceleration segment is likely to reap untold riches. Every Fortune 1000 and large enterprise uses SAP and Oracle, and being able to accelerate the first mile to last mile communication between remote employees and HQ presents a big opportunity for any CDN that figures it out. Coke, Disney, Colgate-Palmolive and many others spend tens of millions of dollars annually on their business application environment, and many of them have thousands of remote employees. Whether CDNetworks has successfully penetrated this segment is another story.

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